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The Speed Secrets Podcast is all about high performance and race driving. In it, Ross Bentley has conversations with guests, resulting in tips, advice and inspiration you can take to the track. Digging into topics such as trail braking, cornering lines, race track specific advice, data acquisition and video analysis, upshifting and downshifting, handling and car setup, steering techniques, and the skill of using the throttle - all while driving on track - the goal is to not just entertain you, but also help you learn. Along the way, these conversations will get into why we drive on race tracks, igniting your passion for the sport. Each episode is 30 to 45 minutes in length – just right for listening to while on your way to work, to the track, or while you're working out. Oh, and in each episode - posted weekly on Thursdays - Ross will share one of his quick and effective Speed Secret tips.
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Jan 26, 2017

Tom Long and I discuss what it takes to climb the ladder from club racer to being a paid professional driver for a factory IMSA team, the Mazda Road to 24, what a young driver needs to do to gain a pro drive, and finally, how to adapt to driving a car with aerodynamic downforce.

This episode airs just days before the Rolex 24 at Daytona, where Tom drives the factory Mazda Prototype car in the IMSA series. Prior to driving the Prototype car, he won in SCCA club racing, Spec Miata/MX-5 Cup, and the Continental Tire Series. His career includes being Patrick Dempsey’s substitute driver when the popular actor wasn’t able to attend a race (making Tom one of the least popular drivers with fans!). When he’s not racing, Tom shares his expertise as a professional driving coach and instructor, working with drivers at tracks all over the United States.

Follow Tom on Twitter @TomLongRacing, and on his website at And be sure to follow his and the Mazda team’s successes on Twitter @MazdaRacing.

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Jan 19, 2017

Peter Krause and I talk about the most effective and efficient ways to learn to drive a race track that is new to you – providing an actual process – including the use of track maps, video, simulators, track walks, and the priorities for your driving. We also talk about driver coaching, and what makes the best coaches.

Peter is a dedicated professional driver coach. In addition, he sells, services and consults on data acquisition systems. While experienced in all areas of coaching, he’s particularly strong in data and video analysis.

During this episode, Peter mentions a Indy car driver, Simona de Silvestro drawing the Barber Motorsport Park track map while blindfolded. You can find the video of this at

Check out Peter’s websites at and

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Jan 12, 2017

In this episode Joey Todd and I talk about low-budget racing (if there is such a thing), what it costs to compete in budget endurance races, where the World Racing League is going and what’s new, what a new HPDE driver should focus on to be prepared for their first event, the Aha! moment that drivers (including Joey) experience, what impact technology (self-driving cars, electronic nannies) will have on our sport in the future, and advice if you’re heading to the track this coming weekend.

Joey owns and operates the World Racing League (WRL) series, a low-budget endurance racing series, as well as the Momentum Performance Driving Academy, a high performance driver education (HPDE) program running events primarily in the midwest.

The website that Joey refers to in this episode is, his email address is, and you can always call him the old-fashioned way at 844-RACE-WRL.

If you’d like more tips, advice and resources, check out my website at

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Jan 5, 2017

In this episode, Kevin York and I talk about the impact his education and background in psychology has had on his own driving, as well as his approach to coaching drivers; we talk about whether instructing can get in the way of being a fast driver; what techniques make the most difference; and what question has he been asked that he doesn’t want to be asked ever again!

Kevin has been in motorsport for 25 years, as a driver, coach, instructor, and just about every other possible role. With a degree in psychology, and his years of experience drawing out the best in himself and others, he understands the high performance and race driver’s mind.

The links mentioned in this episode are:

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Jan 1, 2017

Jeff Braun is one of the best race engineers in the world. During our conversation, one thing became apparent - the one thing that might be why he's so successful (8 Sebring 12-hour wins, 1 Daytona 24-hour win, 7 IMSA/ALMS/Grand-Am championships, etc.). What is it? He thinks like a driver. So when Jeff talks about driving, drivers should listen.

Jeff and I talk about his favorite drivers that he's worked with; the difference between the best drivers and the rest; one technique that the best drivers focus on to be really fast; one thing a driver can do on their own to help tune the handling of their car; and what the strangest question he's ever been asked.

You can follow Jeff on Twitter @jvbraun, and learn more from him by following his Auto Racing Tech Tips Facebook page at

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